Friday, February 20, 2009

ok i'm home now and only for a day or two cus me and ma are flying to florida! hello sunshine!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


well, i no longer havea gender confused spanish speaking cat named jingles. i gave it to some lady today, just getting ready forthe move. ok pizzas here gotta run adios!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

last one

well this'll be the last blog for a little while. we had a good christmas i got to talk to matt and jackie and i enjoyed seeing the family and the good quality time, but all things must come to an end, i leave in the morning and am thinking of getting "lost" haha just so i can use my awsome new gps!!! thanks the rents!!! i've been wanting one and now i think i'll be more inclined to just get up and go somewhere like columbus or indy or something like that. i'm soo excited. for my stay over here i litterally packed everything but the kitchen sink! and dread lugging it up the stairs i womder how long some of my stuff can stay in the car??? haha jk! i will be back down to the rents on sunday or else i might wait and meet them monday morning so i can get some sleep before the newport aquarium, i think that would be better cus i just have a really tough time sleeping here, not trying to be evil or rude so don't think anything of it mom! but this way i won't be a grump! i typed up an itenerary for going to the newport aquarium i've never been! i'm bringing my video camera cus they have a penguin parade and all kinds of stuff!! yay!! well i geuss i better try and go to sleep now. hasta pronto!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

long time

well it's beena long time since i updated this blog. i'm still livin on myown, love my apartment at least now that i have heat. as far as my job is concerned... well the line that i work on is being shut down on 2nd shift so only day shift will run so that had to disperse all of us there was like 9 people that are being transfered out and a fewwent to press 1 to power seats and other odd jobs, luckily i didn't get press!!! i was so scared i would get press or power seats. well they expect my line to be firing back up in febuary or march so they put me, another key memeber on my line loni, our old team leader alicia, and 2 old chicks in what they call "special projects" so we can be available to comeback when they need us. well we got out transfers on teusday and we were told that everyonein special projects has to go to day shift, ahh! so unhappy about that cus A: its dayshift and i would have to be there at 6am. i laughed at the lady when she told me i had to be there at 6 am. well B: i would lose my 1$ shift premium which is 80$ a check thats a lot of money! well our last day wednesday they said that for out first week back we will be reporting to our current advisor and on 2nd shift they told us they would try and work it out so that we can work 2nd shift instead of 1st. i pray they do cus i don't know if i could handle 1st shift. well we are going to be painting cleaning organizing racks and so on and so forth. boring! but thank goodness i have so much knowledge on my line that they want me to return to it. we found out they are starting the layoffs but they are starting with salary people first. they are giving them 45 days to volunteer layoff and get a package and if they dont get 50-80 people they will have to choose and they won't get a package my advisor along with a few other people i think are targets cus some of the lines they had shut down like jim losing tundra less to look after, but i could be wrong. so far no one knows if the layoff is going to spread to the floor yet or not. boy i hope not! this'll be the first layoff in 20 years for the company. awful! well enough depressing stuff. oh we all are being forced to take an extended vaca, i only have enough to be paid for 1 of the extra days till january then i have it coveredso on my next check i'll have 3 days unpaid. i don't know what i'm gonna do.

Friday, October 3, 2008


ok well i finnally have 5 seconds to update this thing, not a lot to say though, i've been really busy with work and sleep those are my priorties right now! haha. it's been so cold lately. tony found out that he has to cut 2 people from his department so that means that 1042 is going to run with 5 people from now on so it's gonna be exhausting, i am worried about my job, although i asked alisha what my chances were of being one of the 2 and she said slim to none so i hope thats true. it's just getting really scary i need lots of prayer!!! well i better go now. ciao! ps: happy b-day early dad!

Friday, September 26, 2008


well i'm bored to death! getting ready to go to my rents

Thursday, September 25, 2008


blah, that's how i feel, just blah the stress has just leveled me out to where i feel blah... well that's all i can write for now cus i gotta go make my lunch and tea. ciao!